25th Congressional District is heating up…

The battle for the 25th Congressional District is heating up. I have taken my message to the streets personally visiting over 10,000 homes, attending hundreds of community events and several town hall meetings. One constant theme from residents has emerged “it is time for a change”. My 1st TV ad echoes that theme. Click on the link below if you wish to view it.

Change is needed to rebuild our economy, to improve VA care that our veterans need and deserve, to simplify our tax code and eliminate politics in the IRS, in immigration policy and border security, to end the attack on our constitutional rights, to eliminate wasting money on projects like green roofs, high speed rail, art walks and street landscaping while our bridges are falling apart.

Change is needed in the ACA (Obamacare) to address premium costs which are out of control. Do you remember this promise? “If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance.” This week we learned that 17,000 seniors have had their Medicare Part C dropped and rates raised an average of 44.8% by MVP. Excellus is following up soon with increases as high as 50% or more for Part C subscribers.

The President and our Congresswoman also promised to protect Medicare but if you are one of the 86,000 Medicare Advantage subscribers in Rochester you now know that promise has been broken. Obamacare cuts funding to Medicare Advantage causing premiums and copays to rise for our seniors. MVP Health Care officials stated “higher premiums are due to lower federal reimbursement. Plus, President Obama’s Affordable Care Act requires health plan members to cover the uninsured” according to a recent WROC exclusive on Medicare Advantage.