Assini offers solution for VA backlog supported by local Veterans

Created: 05/29/2014 8:16 PM

Local politician’s attempt to help veterans in wake of scandal

A local politician wants to make things right for veterans in the wake of the scandal at the VA Clinic in Phoenix.

On Wednesday, the Office of the Inspector General confirmed the problem is systemic in the VA hospital system.

On Thursday, Gates Town Supervisor and 25th Congressional District candidate Mark Assini says there is a bottleneck of veterans seeking care and they must be able to seek help from outside the VA. He’s now asking Congress to pass a bill that would give those vouchers for care.

Mark Assini, 25th Congressional District candidate, said, “The vouchers would allow veterans to easily find care with private doctors and hospitals without having to wait for their local VA to make arrangements.” Assini says any cost associated with issuing those vouchers will be billed back to the VA.

Press Conference - VA Backlog