The national economy is struggling and nowhere more than upstate New York.  Our area has lost 48,000 jobs since 1998, our city is America’s 5th poorest.  We have one of the most segregated school districts in the nation.  Our workforce participation is among the lowest in my adult life and companies like Kodak and Bausch and Lomb are just memories of their once great statures.  Why?

All truths tend to be simple.  The simple truth is that we have made bad trade deals, our business taxes are the highest on the planet and crushing regulations continue to stifle business growth and innovation.  It is time for a new direction. We can be great once again. How? Trade deals have to be changed to favor the United States, not countries like China.  We can’t be the highest taxed nation on earth and remain competitive.  Some regulations are important such as environmental protections and worker safety, but some are just ridiculous and overreaching.  We must be wise to know the difference.