Opposition Mounts to Plan 2014 to change Lake Ontario Water Level

Our representative has turned a blind eye to the suffering that will occur to lakeshore homeowners under Plan 2014. It is simply unfair to the residents. The US State Department will decide soon on the lakeshore homeowners fate. Raise your voices in opposition.

The International Joint Commission on Lake Levels has proposed changing the 1958 lake level plan agreed to by the US and Canada. This proposal known as Plan 2014 changes minimum and maximum lake level targets by 56%. Such a shift in Lake Levels will cause significant damage to family homes, businesses and municipal infrastructure on the shoreline. As a result of this damage, assessed property values will fall forcing all taxpayers to make up the difference.

As I walked Edgemere Drive this past weekend, every homeowner I spoke with was worried about their properties. Cheri Riley told me about the raw sewage that had spewed out into the streets when the lake level peeked in ‘73. The new height of the lake will be 1 1/2 feet higher than the 1973 incident. Neighborhoods like Edgemere Drive will simply be devastated.

Amazingly the Commission confirms their plan will cause millions of dollars of damage annually and they are ok with destruction to Lakeshore properties but I am not.

The State Department decision on this plan is imminent but our congressional representative has not yet said a word to fight for the families and businesses hurt by this decision.
It highlights what is wrong with being in Washington too long. You become disconnected. If our local Congressperson just spoke with homeowners she would have learned that hundreds of family homes and businesses in Monroe County would be hurt by this and potentially thousands along the south shore.

We call on Governor Cuomo, Congresswoman Slaughter, Senators Schumer and Gillibrand to add their voices in opposition to this proposal before it’s too late for these families.

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D&C Article-Opposition Mounts to Lake Ontario Water Level Plan