The Truth…

In case you were wondering about my opponent’s ads. I have given you a small sampling. The rest are ridiculous and not worth the time to respond…

pin“Mark Assini supports tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas”

Completely False!! This claim came from a pledge “NOT TO RAISE TAXES ON THE RESIDENTS OF THE 29TH DISTRICT” back in 2004. It was a pledge from the Americans for Taxpayer Reform. Both Politifact and have called these claims completely false.


Check out the links below to read up on the truth:

pinOn Abortion…the claim was I would not support an abortion to save a mother’s life

Completely False!! What is true is that I am a Pro Life Catholic because of my faith. But have never filed a position paper that does not allow exceptions on abortion including the mother’s life. Mrs. Slaughter falsely states my position based on a 5 word sentence taken completely with no context from a news article in 2004. I have gone back to the time period in question and provided a letter directly from the National Pro Life Alliance below. I have countless detailed position papers and surveys that are all consistent since then and they have been provided to news outlets.

“Mr. Assini, 
I just looked through every file we had from 2004. While I was unable to find your specific survey, I was able to find the survey template that was sent to candidates that year, as well as the roster we sent out to the district with your 100% responses. While this is not perfect, it at least shows that you answered those questions in the affirmative and they all give exceptions to save the life of the mother, as well as give back ground information on each question. I hope this helps. Best of luck in your race.

For Life, 

Colton L. Grace
Director of Strategic Initiatives
National Pro-Life Alliance”

pinMark Assini believes birth control pills are abortion pills

Distortion!! I explained the position on Channel 8 of a Christian family that owns Hobby Lobby in a Supreme Court decision. The family was providing 20 forms of contraception but 4 of the forms they considered Abortion Fascia or an abortion pill. They fought on religious grounds not to provide those 4. The Supreme Court agreed. Mrs. Slaughter took comments from an interview with no context in a longer discussion. Channel 13 called their claim half fact/half fiction. The comment was made by me in the context of explaining the Supreme Court’s decision.